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VHS Transfer

Video Home System (VHS) were the standard for consumer-level analog video recording for decades before digital media replaced tape cassettes. VHS transfer moves the information on those tape cassettes to digital format, e.g., DVD. Dead Horse Productions provides VHS transfer services that protect cherished memories and important images and bring those videos into a usable format for the 21st century.

Commercials for Businesses

Businesses have special needs when it comes to video production – commercials must be eye-catching, concise and engaging to attract and motivate customers to buy. Dead Horse Productions has produced high-quality commercials for numerous businesses.

Feature and Short Films

Dead Horse Productions produces feature-length and short films. While there are no set boundaries guiding the length of films, short films typically have a running time of 40 minutes or less. Dead Horse Productions knows how to bring both long and short creative projects to the big screen and create exciting film trailers that build long lines at the box office.

Television Production

Television production involves the cooperation of many different professionals working together to create a finished, polished program that audiences crave for entertainment or information. Each member of Dead Horse Productions brings special pre-production, filming and post-production experience to every TV production.

Safety and Training Videos

Video makes safety and training information easier to consume, understand and recall. Safety and training videos also allow employers, community health leaders and others to say more in less time than with textbooks and training manuals. Dead Horse Productions creates memorable and effective safety and training videos that consumers actually enjoy watching.

Community Projects

Dead Horse Productions participates in a number of community projects that are near and dear to the heart of the people who live here. Community projects can range from videos of simple ribbon-cutting ceremonies to full-blown productions.


Audio quality is important to musicians, of course, but video production is important to every modern songster. From interviews to demos, videos help musicians spread the word about upcoming tours, new albums and fresh collaborations with other artists.

Music Videos

Videos are a musician’s best friend, and Dead Horse Productions creates videos loved by musicians and viewers alike. From smooth videography to clear, brilliant sound, the videos produced by Dead Horse Productions offer high-fidelity sound production and stunning visual images.


Documentaries widen the horizons of the viewer’s world, oftentimes in powerful, shocking, heartbreaking and intense ways. Dead Horse Productions ensures the highest quality production of documentaries by providing existing visual images coupled with crisp, clear sound.

Aerial Videography

Aerial videography is perhaps the most exciting innovation in video production today. Aerial videography provides a unique bird’s-eye view of everyday sights, such as buildings, parks, farm fields, statues and more. Dead Horse Productions is licensed by the FAA to operate a commercial drone to capture stunning aerial videography images.

Audition Tapes

Audition tapes are a must-have for actors and other professionals who make their living with live or filmed performances. Quality audition tapes focus on showcasing the individual’s talent in a way that is appealing, to the point, and free from noise and other distractions. Audition tapes help directors visualize how a particular actor might look in their production.

Demo Reels

Dead Horse Productions creates demo reels for actors and other professionals who need a compilation of their best work. Casting companies look for high-quality demo reels with clear video and audio, usually lasting about 2 minutes or less. Like an audition tape, a demo reel helps directors see what the actors look like on camera.

Video Photo Montage

A video photo montage presents a series of pictures in attractive, eye-catching ways. Dead Horse Productions can assemble large or small collections of photos to put in each video photo montage.


Animation brings new life to standard video presentations. Once relegated to Saturday morning cartoons, animation is now one of the most important visual tools in the digital world. Animations can do things real people cannot; animated drawings can also convey statistical and scientific information in situations where regular videos or presentations fall short.

* We are licensed by the FAA to operate a commercial drone.