Dead Horse Productions, LLC in partnership with Brian Scott, local historian, is producing a documentary about the Long Cane Creek Massacre. The plight of these unfortunate settlers in the winter of 1760 has been described in writings and tales handed down through generations. Bringing the story to the screen is now the objective of DHP and Mr. Scott. The production team will utilize re-enactors to portray the principal members of the story and new technology in documentary filmmaking techniques to provide the visuals required to bring the story to life in the minds of the viewer. “We are aiming to educate and entertain with this story. We’re going to try to put the audience in 1760 South Carolina and let them see what that life was about – the good, the bad, and the horrifying” said Vic Aviles, Creative Director for DHP, LLC.

DHP brings ten years of video storytelling experience to the project, while noted local historian Brian Scott is contributing an historical perspective about South Carolina gleaned from decades of research and writing. “I don’t think we would even consider tackling this project without Brian,” says Linda Lavold, the Administrative Director for DHP. “His ability to add the human perspective to historical events is amazing. He’s crafted a compelling story about the massacre.” The documentary is scheduled to begin production in early March, 2017.

Dead Horse Productions has been operating for over ten years in Anderson, S.C. For more information about this project, you can reach them on Facebook or at