• Aerial Video Reel

    Aerial Video Reel

    An aerial video reel to give you an idea of some of the footage we are capable of capturing.

  • Music Video

    Music Video

    Music video shot for Annabel Lee and Valentine Wolfe.

  • Safety Orientation Video

    Safety Orientation Video

    A Safety Orientation video we produced for JPS Composite Materials.

  • Theatre Commercial

    Theatre Commercial

    A commercial for The Secret Garden held at The Clemson Little Theater-Pendleton Playhouse.

  • Wedding Highlight Video

    Wedding Highlight Video

    Wedding highlight video for the Ekmans.

  • Electric City ComiCon Promo

    Electric City ComiCon Promo

    Promo for the first annual Electric City ComiCon held at the Anderson County Library.

  • Current Buzz

    Current Buzz

    Current Buzz video for the Anderson City Council featuring the Greeley Park ribbon cutting.

  • Promo


    Promo video for Carolina Bauernhaus.

  • “Bath” Trailer

    Promo trailer for the upcoming short film, "Bath" by Dead Horse Productions. Directed by Kevin Woods.